Vivek Trivedi

Vivek Trivedi


  • Service Areas: Sydney
  • Specialties: Real Estate Investments, Property Management

About Vivek Trivedi

Vivek Trivedi is a diligent real estate agent, standing out as a seasoned professional with a discerning eye for detail. As Managing Director of Vision21 Real Estate, Vivek brings over two decades of experience in media and real estate and a unique perspective to all facets of the property market including investing, purchasing and selling.

As a certified negotiator and competitive decision-maker trained from Harvard Business School, Vivek’s core strengths include being deliberative, disciplined, and innovative. These qualities shine through in every aspect of his work. His astute business acumen, understanding of client requirements and leadership skills have been instrumental in steering Vision21 to a stage where it has managed over 150 satisfied clients and property transactions worth over $160M in a span of just 5 years.

Guided by a life rich in experiences and a professional journey marked by his passion for client servicing, as well as his conviction for his domain knowledge and negotiations skills, Vivek is more than a visionary entrepreneur – he is the driving force behind his clients’ success stories. Thriving under pressure, he approaches challenges with a can-do attitude. While working with him you can always be assured of having parked your hard-earned money in safe hands.

Vivek is also an educator committed to enlightening his clients and team about the intricacies of property transactions. His belief in empowering individuals extends beyond the buy-and-sell dynamics, emphasizing a holistic understanding that enables clients to make informed and intelligent decisions as per their financial goals.

In a market where expertise and reliability are paramount, Vivek Trivedi personifies trust while working with the only objective of yielding positive returns for his client’s investments.

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